Whether you’re looking to spruce up your country farmhouse or make some temporary changes to your rental home, chances are you’ve already got a fresh coat of paint in your head. After all, paint is the easiest, fastest and probably cheapest way to add life and energy to any home without interfering with any other decorative elements you’re working on, and it won’t be better displayed than in a well-lit kitchen. Here, we collect the best white cabinet paint colors to give your dreams a clean, airy look. Because we know it’s hard to imagine a whole room of swatch paint, we make it easier to use your imagination: not only do we include color samples, we also share showy, useful shots that will help you see paint colors better. Paint these timeless warm and cool colors onto your cabinets, islands or walls, or simply use them on smaller, individual elements like a backsplash or table leg — the options and possibilities are endless. Once you’ve read through the best colors for white cabinets, be sure to check out our other ideas, from the living room to the bathroom, to keep any modern country home alive.

The cabinets of this California home have a crisp white paint that gives it a fresh, rustic feel.

If you want to make your kitchen look bigger and more open, paint the cabinets a bright white.

While some of the whites were too harsh for the bold patterns, this light grey looked just right.

Warm white is a perfect neutral and adds depth to the room.

Ivory on the cabinets adorn the kitchen and also show reclaimed cypress island.

Cabinets in the Texas ranch are painted a warm beige.