Contemporary  Style

Since the planting space is limited to containers and wooden planters, it’s easy to imagine this inviting outdoor living room as an urban rooftop garden or a modern backyard.


“I’m obsessed with comparing different textures,” mullins says. She spread crushed oyster shells on the floor to add a little shine. This contrasts sharply with the rustic wood of benches and flower POTS, which in turn accentuates the smooth concrete tabletop. The interaction of the textures “emphasizes
what makes them unique,” Mullins says.

More Mini-Space

Use furniture to create space outside. Although the garden is small, Ms. Mullins has turned it into many places: an alfrescoed dining table, an oversized l-shaped bench to rest on; Left, a fireplace with a heated bench for cold nights.

Plant Strategy

Mullins wanted to put something green on his head. It’s the smallest — just two potted swan hill olive trees — but it brings the canopy closer to the human scale, making urban Spaces friendlier. Mullins created geometric containers for two swan hill olive trees by twisting together 10 slat triangles and painting them dark. A dark paint job softens the geometric flowerpot lines.

Make It Cozy

A modular is suing fireplace alongside A heated bench encourages guests to linger outdoors after the sun sets.

Keep Privacy

Pay attention to the background. Behind the bench, Ms. Mullins placed a flowerpot filled with geraniums, both to provide a soft screen for those sitting there and to give the space a silvery sheen.


Place some art works in your garden.

Color Harmony

Succulents pick up on the silver and gray colors in the furnishings.


An oversized L-shaped bench made from recycled wood creates a perfect seating area to accommodate or rest. Slate gray cushions and patterned pillows complement the hand-cast concrete tables.