There is nothing more feminine than the gesture of wearing nail polish. So manicure and skin care, makeup, there is a strong sense of self-improvement. French manicure, for example, can achieve a cute, relaxed look with just a touch of nail polish on your fingertips.

Almost every girl has a pink plot

Not so much in love with it

But pink, for us,

Contains countless fantasies about beauty.

For girls of all stages,

Pink is their natural color,

Romantic, beautiful, cute…

It comes with a lot of properties,

Let haze also can become brilliant instantly rise.

Spring is coming,

Pink nails are definitely at the top of the nail art list.

Love pink,

It doesn’t matter how old you are.

Love pink,

It’s time to be brave

Let’s give it a shout

Pink heart never dies, a girl’s whole life!