Looking for the perfect warm color pigment? Maybe you’ve thought about painting the walls a warm yellow or a cool blue, but only for a minute. Deep down, you know you’re a gender-neutral lunatic, more interested in the beige spectrum. While others may scoff, we neutral-tone fans know that taupes are the best choice because they are versatile, forgiving, and come in a wide variety of warm and cold colors. Better yet, when you paint a room in the correct taupe, you’re setting the stage for furniture and accessories to really catch on.

Matthew Williams

Taupe on a Trim

Freshen up your white walls with painted doors and classic taupe trim.


Emily J Followill

Taupe on Textured Cabinets

Sure, you can simply color these rustic cabinets, but a layer or two of taupe can add a sophisticated element to thick wooden walls.


Brian Woodcock

Taupe Columns

Don’t be hemmed in by the idea of white columns. Choose taupe and you’ll be amazed at how gorgeous this color is with natural elements.

Michael J Lee

Taupe Gallery Wall

Anyone who has fumbled with rulers and tape in pursuit of the perfect gallery wall knows that it is not easy to combine art, framing and symmetry perfectly. Now imagine that you’ve finished it, but the palette behind it is detracting from the art. This doesn’t happen in a horrible taupe.

Tara Donne

Taupe Details

Taupe is the perfect accent color — a soft expression — for Windows and wall paneling.

Walmart Gliddon

Taupe with a Rosy Twist

Some people hear the word “taupe” and think only of brown or “greige”. Those people are wrong! Taupe comes in many shades, including a beautiful pink.