Expect yourself,
Holding my favorite bouquet,
Wearing the most beautiful wedding dress,
On the arm of his beloved,
Together to the happiest moment?

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event for a woman.

From the selection of the wedding dress to every detail, are required to do the best possible.

A lot of people think that flowers are not as important as a dress,

If you think so, you are wrong!

The bouquet is the guardian of happiness at a wedding

An elaborate wedding

Holding flowers is also an indispensable detail

How should you choose your bouquet

According to your individual character

The individual character of the bride is the main factor that decides to hold a flower model, color. For example, a spherical bouquet or a small round bouquet can make the bride sweeter and cuter. Holding type holds the flower modeling simply, mostly with simple but elegant flower material, suits the natural and graceful bride; If the bride is at the cutting edge of The Times and has the courage to experiment, then you can consider creative bouquet to create a sense of individuality

According to the season


the king of flowers in the peony not only beautiful, and the meaning of happiness is the best material for making holding flowers


Water lilies, Delphiniums, Farsi chrysanthemum are the main flowers of this season, fresh and pure is the key word of this season


What better way to fill a wedding with sunshine than sunflowers


Tulips, vermilion, hyacinth, calla lilies, violets are the season’s features, especially the eternal tulip, a symbol of love

According to the color
White bouquet

White is the color of purity and sweetness,

The white bride’s bouquet has a fresh, natural smell from afar.

Whether it is a pale Daisy or a romantic white rose,

Beneath the pale green buds and green leaves,

The flowers in her hands are romantic, especially suitable for the pure, sweet and lovely bride.

It will bring out the best in you.

Pink Bouquet

Romantic pink can always easily pull a girl’s heart ~

For romantic brides,

Pink roses, pink roses,

The bouquet that pink peony makes up is elegant and easy, suit melting style wedding very much.

Imagine walking up to the oath table with it in your hands.

Will be extra happy and sweet ~