Baby Shower, which has a long history, dates back to ancient Egypt and ancient Greece, and its modern popularity is believed to date back to after world war ii, especially during the “Baby boom” period. Baby showers are all over the place, in TV shows and movies, where celebrities in Europe and the United States host parties before a Baby is born, send warm wishes to prospective mothers and give them the best new Baby gifts.

“Monkey and Forest Theme welcome desk, each piece of decoration is full of clever ideas, amazing.

For these cupcakes, I just want to take them home, keep them until the baby is born and grows up, and show them to her: “hey, you know what, they’re made especially for you.

Specially prepared to sign up clothes for the name of your besties, souvenir collector’s edition!



Super cute Diaper Cake! It’s really a hand-made diaper, a traditional Baby Shower decoration

Simulation belly and shoes wearing game make everyone laughing.