Choose the right veil, instantly make your bride beautiful.

Why on earth does the bride wear a veil? In fact, the custom of the bride wearing a veil in the western wedding has a long history. In the purest wedding in the west, there is a veil after the wedding dress. It can be traced back to ancient Roman times.

In the 19th century, it became fashionable to match a veil with a wedding dress. Queen Victoria wore a white veil for her wedding, which helped drive the trend of the white veil.

Although the veil is only an accessory for the bride, her magic cannot be ignored.

It is wearing a mysterious and hazy atmosphere, better set off the lovely bride, the bride can also use a beautiful fairy veil support full scene!

The bride chooses her own veil in three steps:

1) match the length and shape of the dress

2) choose the right pattern for your wedding.

3) choose a headdress that matches the veil.

But there are different kinds of veils. What kind of veil are you suitable for a wedding? Lace, gauzy, floor-sweeping…

Different materials of the veil can bring different effects.

Shoulder Length Veil

A shawl is a single, shoulder-length veil that usually covers the bride’s face during the ceremony and is lifted by the groom and rolled back. It can be used alone or with a long veil. More suitable for an outdoor or lively and lovely wedding.

Recommend collocation: if drag the end greatly with marriage gauze style heavy and complicated, can choose collocation shoulder long gauze. Suitable for a lovely bride with flowing hair. Dress in a full skirt. Choose a long-sleeved style or v-shaped waistline for better results.

Elbow length Wedding Veils 

The bridal veil is just as long as the bride’s elbow. This is a very common bride’s veils because it can play the role of the bride’s veil more elegant, but not over the light of the bride or wedding dress. More suitable for a relaxed and happy wedding.

Recommend collocation: as the name suggests is the length above and below the elbow joint, which is also the most popular length for brides. Tie-in close-fitting wedding dress, slender figure of the bride, can well show the charming body curve.

Fingertip length wedding veil

The length of the bridal veil is just enough to reach your fingertips when your hand drops naturally. This is also a common length of a bridal veil, so it can be worn with most wedding dresses. From the simple and elegant barrel wedding dress to elegant PROM wedding dress. So there’s no limit to where it fits. 

Recommend collocation: length than elbow long yarn slightly longer. Classic length also is the versatile length in collocation. Dress with halter and halter. This kind of halter and hangs the neck paragraph’s wedding dress to be compared to the breast paragraph wedding dress to be able to appear nobler magnificent.

Waltz  length wedding veil

This long bridal veil extends from your head to your ankles. This waltz bridal veil is a great choice for brides who want to wear a long bridal veil without a train. Suit concise and tonal pure white wedding more.

Recommend collocation: also known as the ballet veil, because wearing this veil can still spin dance. Most length from knee to ankle, dramatic and not tripping. The long hold wedding dress in a tie-in fairy tale, this kind of wedding dress wants tall to the requirement of height than the fat thin requirement, it is the first selection of the bride with a great figure.

Full-length wedding veil

The full-length wedding veil is a floor length one and it is about 72″ Inches. It is to place cover to go up in marriage gauze along with marriage gauze hind, outspread but the ground also can serve as the method that adds marriage gauze to drag the end. Suitable for more normal wedding, such as a church wedding, very formal indoor wedding and so on.

Recommend collocation: the heart of a lot of girls is good, it is the modeling that stylist compares preference more. The marriage gauze that tie-in pulls end greatly, appear restoring ancient ways luxuriant nobility.

Chapel length wedding veil

The chapel length Wedding veil is about 90 inches long, a few inches longer than the full-length veil and sweeps the floor.

Both dresses are formal. They are also known as sweeping veils or full veils because they can extend about 6 to 12 inches of the hem of a tuxedo skirt.

Cathedral Length wedding veil

The veil is about 108 inches long, at least a foot behind the bride and usually longer than that. If the most popular wedding veil choice, it must be a large church veil, often trailing the bride’s pace fluttering in the wind to extend, beautiful. In addition, because it is too grand, there will be requirements on the size of the site. Only when the scene is large enough can we Hold the atmosphere of the large church veil. It is best to have a long red carpet, and the effect is good on the grass, and the effect is better against the wind.

Recommend collocation: generally speaking, suitable for this kind of head veil skirt has A word wedding dress, fishtail wedding dress, because of this two skirt body slimmer, will highlight the advantage of large church style head veil.

Mantilla Wedding Veil

This kind of head gauze is taking Spanish style, length change is not fixed, more between is made of lace, elegant and romantic. It is also suitable for a romantic indoor wedding and outdoor flower sea wedding.

Recommend collocation: with fishtail wedding dress, strapless wedding dress

Please carefully prepare every little thing that will appear at the wedding, such as your veil, because maybe it is just the back of a veil, all can make you remember the most wonderful day, the most beautiful yourself