What is BOHO?

In fashionable bound already fashionable BOHO, it is a lot of star people love most, mix the romantic freedom of Bohemian wind and hippie wind unruly, sending out a romantic free and easy gas field.

In the Wedding application, BOHO Wedding is also a very popular American Wedding style, full of colorful impact in a relaxed atmosphere. BOHO weddings do not involve traditional weddings and rigid procedures. They prefer a BOHO Wedding with a bit of artistic freedom and a little bit of slack.

Keywords1: Hand Knitting

The wedding of boho beautiful wind, go up in adornment, more exquisite the handiwork that has individual character, for instance, an elegant rope is made up, can foil gives the wedding atmosphere of another kind. Dream catcher, which was popular on the Internet, could also be used for weddings.

Keyword 2: Tent Element

Among the usual elements in the BOHO Wedding, tents are essential. They represent a very gypsy culture. Slightly different from the traditional BOHO style, the simple tent wooden frame is used to simplify the complex and combine with flower art, which makes it more relaxed, casual and a little fashionable.

Keyword 3: Feathers

There’s nothing like feathers for a boho wedding. In Bohemian style wedding, feathers can completely replace the leaves as the best wedding decoration! And this wedding, we used the beige reed instead of feathers, elegant feeling unchanged, but more echo theme color!

Keywords 4: The Vibrant Colors

Colorful decorative, beautifully printed fabric, is strong and chic Bohemian style a kind of alternative luxury. But if you don’t want too much impact, Bohemian style can also be natural and fresh, like the bright and vibrant orange combination in this wedding.

Keyword 5: Close to Nature 

Bohemian style is the philosophy of life formed by gypsies who pursue freedom in the journey of wandering all over the world. So in the arrangement of flower art, do not pursue too much delicate feeling, natural and casual only the most impressive!