The Tips for Maternity Photos

There are many moments in life that deserve to be recorded, and any true beauty should be forever

Pregnancy in October is one of the best memories of a woman’s life, and more and more expectant mothers are taking pregnancy photos to document this particular period. And in our understanding, the significance of pregnancy photos is — let life have the origin, let time can be traced back.

Maternity photo shoot guide

When is the right time to take pregnancy photos?

The best time to take pregnancy photos is about 28-35 weeks when the belly is more pregnant and the expectant mother’s mental state is very good, so as to achieve the best results of recording. Of course, the situation is different from person to person, the mother-to-be must be in close communication with the photographer side.

1. “not too early”

☉ expectant mothers in early pregnancy will have gravid reactions, affect shooting state;

⊙ the belly is too small to show the pregnancy, not with the significance of pregnancy photos.

2. “not too late”

☉ the belly is too big, in the process of filming the fatigue effect taken effect;

☉ near production, as well as mothers,  need more rest and to ensure safe delivery.

The state of TAKING pregnancy photograph

1. “smile + confidence”

Many mothers-to-be will worry that their appearance on the camera is not as beautiful as they imagined. In fact, don’t worry, as long as you have confidence in yourself, keep a sweet smile, think about the joy of being a mother, the photos will be warmer.

2. “the Best Angle”

We know that every mother will worry about edema during pregnancy. The most beautiful Angle of mothers from the aspects of makeup, shooting and later modification can cover the problems.

3. “relax, we’re not professional models.”

Mothers are not professional models, so it’s normal to be nervous about taking your first pregnancy photo. When taking a picture, be sure to relax and pose according to the photographer’s instructions

4. “pregnancy photos should be taken with your partner”

Mothers and fathers are advised to take part in the photo shoot together. Take pictures of expectant fathers expressing their enthusiasm for the birth of their baby. Although some expectant fathers don’t like taking pictures, it is suggested that you should be more patient and take pictures with your expectant mother to show your concern for her.

The Tips for Maternity Photos
  1. Do some research in advance, know your favorite style and pose, and communicate with the staff in time to let the photographer know your needs. Of course, the photographer will also guide the pose, so don’t worry too much.
  2. The night before the shooting, try to reduce the amount of water to avoid severe edema; At the same time as early rest, ensure adequate sleep to develop enough spirit. During the shooting process, the photographer will arrange a reasonable rest time.
  3. Prepare in advance what you will need for the shoot, such as a photogenic bra. Myopic mothers-to-be can prepare contact lenses or contact lenses.
  4. If your partner doesn’t have time for photo shooting, ask a friend to accompany you.

Black and white photos are classic

Try something special

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