In contemporary interior design, decorate metope with the canvas already more and more common. How to hang paintings to make it looks gorgeous?

Generally speaking, oil painting has its limitations compared with other kinds of painting on display. It is to glance easily above all, in addition, with thick besmear the oil painting that emphasizes picture flesh texture because have rise and fall and easy accumulation dust. In order to achieve better visual effects and protect the screen, when the suspension should be a forward lower slope. When canvas faces positive light, the effect is often poorer, should use the upper part before side light, and the illuminant photograph when the illuminant that achieves suspension place and painting as far as possible is consistent, if the illuminant when the painting is left, also answer to be consistent with this illuminant when suspension.

The height that hangs a picture should undertake to adjust according to the specific situation of the bedroom. Hanging too low, not conducive to the protection and appreciation of the picture; Suspension is too high, make appreciation person look up again cause inconvenience, produce because of the picture at the same time perspective is out of shape, affect appreciation effect.

If you need to hang more than one painting, take into account the distance between the painting, not too close. 

Works of uniform size should be aligned and spaced uniformly. Pay attention to the tidiness of the bottom edge and the consistency of the inclination of the picture for works with different sizes. If the suspension is a bigger picture, should choose the view to watch the ability to be able to have a satisfactory effect from the distance that suits the place.

Canvas loads vitreous frame to display, advantageous to protecting picture, but the effect is worse than without the glass. No matter how it is displayed, it cannot avoid sunlight reflection and strong lighting.

Pensile canvas has fixed equipment to hang a picture even, want to have the crossbar line that is fixed on the wall namely, canvas work is connected through the solid rope and hook on the line that hangs a picture.

If there is no crossbar line hanging the picture and must be hung with nails, should be the nail in the back of the picture. The damp area should check to hang a picture to have the danger that falls without because of rust or decayed more.